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At Hex-Hut we rent safe and efficient portable welding shelter systems. We will help you get the job done faster due to minimal down time and also allow your employees to complete their work in almost any weather conditions. –

Hex-Hut is one of the tent manufacturers to put in place high quality welding tents and the one to further the field by introducing the portable welding station. The drive of the company to design for portable welding and construct welding tents is the concern for the workers as well as the motivation to improve and increase the client’s productivity rates. With those ideas in mind, portable welding systems became driving force behind the Hex-Hut system and placed the company high within the tent manufacturers.

Our welding tents are very easy to assemble and disassemble, thus the workers require minimum training in order to prepare and put in place the welding tents. The portable welding station is easy to transport and deploy at a chosen location because there is no need of special hardware to assemble the portable welding station. The set of different welding tents that Hex-Hut offers support an array of welding procedures and are suitable across many situations. The fact that Hex-Hut is one of the tent manufacturers that provides portable welding takes them step further from only supplying welding tents. The advantage of having portable welding station is that one unit can serve across different situations which will save money and labour power. The portable welding station can be assembled by the workers themselves as has been the testimony of companies that have successfully implemented and used the system.
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