Hex-Hut is inventive and creative shelter manufacturer that specializes in portable welding tents, among other things, and offers portable shelters for sale. Anecdotal accounts have it right – Hex-Hut offer a safer alternative to pipeline welding tents and portable welding tents.

The portable welding tents need to be light and easy to move around. This creates comfort when it comes to using the same pipeline welding tents for different location, but it also makes the portable welding tents much lighter than their steel counterparts. Because the pipeline welding tents are much lighter, the threat of falling metal pieces and the muggy environment are diminished. The innovative designs of Hex-Hut makes the company a driving shelter manufacturer in the business of pipeline welding tents and portable welding tents. The portable shelters for sale are in high demand, because they make the safety of the workers a priority, while providing the high quality and durability a pipeline welding tents must have. As a reputable shelter manufacturer, Hex-Hut keeps high the standard of their portable shelters for sale, and at the same time is constantly updating and upgrading the pipeline welding tents and portable welding tents in order to achieve the most logical and applicable solution for welding processes.
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