In Hex Hut we make it our goal to deliver high quality, safe and efficient welding shelter for your business. The commitment to our product is seen from the effort and designs we employ, for example the portable welding shelters that our company delivers. We stand firmly behind our welding shelters because our developed Shelter systems allow for temporary shelter that provides the comforts and safety needed for you employees to complete projects in various weather conditions.

The Shelter Systems that we use are the fruits of a long and well thought out plan and design by Mark Moroney. Because of his experience and progressive thinking, the Shelter Systems we employ deliver a variety of welding shelters – portable welding shelters as well as temporary shelter, anything that will ease the work of your employees and will suit your business needs the most. The idea for the welding shelters filled a crack in the business and it has supplied a safer and more efficient way to do welding. The safety and efficiency of the shelter systems stems from the personal experience of Mark, who saw all the problems that the welding shelter has and the negative impact it has on the workers.

The heavy and inflexible machinery and equipment was dragging down the productivity and comfort of the workers, even more, those welding shelters provided an unsafe environment for the welders. Thus, the shelter systems that Hex Hut uses are supporting needs that the typical welding shelter does not, i.e. with Hex Hut’s welding shelters there is safety, comfort and flexibility without compromising the quality of the welding shelter.

To eliminate the problems with the heavy equipment of the welding shelters that proves to be unsafe and hardly mobile, Hex Hut’s shelter systems developed the portable welding shelters and the temporary shelter. This revolutionary solution gives great flexibility to workers, because now they are in control of the welding shelter, since the portable welding shelters are collapsible and mobile. It is time efficient to have portable welding shelters that support the welding processes, protect the workers and create a safe environment within the welding shelter. Furthermore, if a welding shelter is needed for a single setting, then there is nothing better than it to be a temporary shelter that can be removed easily. Furthermore, because the portable welding shelters and temporary shelter structures can no longer be inflexible and heavy, they can now be adjusted more accurately to the current weather conditions. Evidence for the quality of our welding shelters is the fact that harsh weather conditions do not cause the seizure of work because the employees are protected and safe in the welding shelter and the exposure to the environmental conditions is also minimized.

There are innovations in the welding processes, yet the conditions of welding shelters remained inflexible and unsafe for some time. There was need for a creative idea and it came from Hex-Hut and their portable welding shelters that are easy to control and operate while at the same time provide a safe environment and comfort for the workers. Along with the portable welding shelters, the temporary shelter also provides flexibility in the work while maintaining the high standards for safety and protection of the welding processes. As the field of welding progresses, so should the welding shelters, and Hex-Hut makes sure that the welding shelters will be up to part with the needs of the workers.