Hex-Hut Setup


Want to move your shelter? You can easily do this and avoid starting the setup all over again. This is where we show you how to move the Hex-Hut Shelter System to another site by leaving it half assembled.

1. Remove safety pin and quick pin , loosen turnbuckle and retract wall stay, and remove wall stay with quick pin reinstalled. Remove wall stays! If you do not remove wall stays you are increasing risk!
2. Fasten wall tarps half up, on the truss wire, using the clips provided on the inside of the wall tarps.
3. While supporting the shelter allow it to move toward the ground. Let is rest on the ground.
4. With the shelter now resting safely on the ground, remove the pin to detach the boom arm and rood section from the cleat.
5. The roof section (with wall tarps and boom arm still attached) is now ready to be transported to the next weld joint. To safely move the Hex-Hut, a team lift is required. Once person on each end of the shelter.
6. Detach the cleat from the pipe and transport it (and your fasteners) to the next weld joint to re-connect it to the boom arm and roof section. Once you have transported the entire shelter to the next weld joint, follow the basic set up instructions to remobilize the shelter.

Download PDF Instructions

This procedure was created to maintain safe use of the Hex-Hut shelter system™.
Hex-Hut shelter systems will not be held responsible for any incidents or damaged caused from misuse of the Hex-Hut shelter system.