Hazzard Assessment

Hazard Letter

To whom it may concern:


Attached is a copy of a risk assessment done on the Hex-Hut Shelter System. My overall opinion of this system as I observed it in use and through conversations with welders and workers is that the Hex-Hut Shelter System provides a very safe and environmental friendly system. By following the instructions that are provided with every system and a demonstration from the designer, you should run into no problems with this system. The cost of the Hex-Hut Shelter System would have to be discussed with the designer, however from what I observed with less equipment needed, less chance of injuries to workers, (less down time) and less rework to the land in reclamation, would be a cost savings in themselves.


Should you have any questions or concerns as to this report, please contact me.
Thank you,

D.R. (Dan) Moon, CSO
Corporate Manager Health & Safety