Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the pipe is more than 3.5 feet off the ground or the ground is uneven?

The Hex-Hut with its patented cleat is designed to provide a consistent environment no matter what height the pipe is off the ground. There is no need to worry about uneven ground or supporting a structure on skid piles.

What happens if there is a joint close to a sleeper or expansion loop?

Due to Hex-Hut’s unique design and the cleat that is attached to the pipe, the Hex Hut will accommodate variations in the pipe or it’s supporting structure.

How mobile and collapsible is the Hex-Hut™?

The Hex-Hut was designed with total flexibility and mobility in mind. Designed like an umbrella, it simply collapses and then is re-deployed quickly and safely without additional labour or equipment.

Can the Hex-Hut™ be used for other processes, (ie. ERW lines, shoes & tie-in’s and structural?)

The Hex-Hut was designed for all aspects of welding pipe and steel. Flexibility and mobility were paramount in its design. With over 31 years experience welding pipelines, the designer has incorporated the necessary flexibility to be used for all types of procedures and processes.