The advantages of Hex-Hut designs are many. The experience and real life situations have inspired the creation of portable welding tents, portable shelters and temporary shelters. We believe that the welding tent should work and perform well under variety of weather conditions and we strive to constantly develop and upgrade our products to fit the growing market. For those reasons and purposes, we developed the portable shelter.

We hold in high regard the products we manufacture because of their applicability to a diversity of situations. For example, our portable welding tents are the perfect solution when you need to complete welding processes in different locations in short amounts of time. Those portable shelters and temporary shelters are easy to assemble and easy to disassemble and move from one site to the other. Those portable shelter solutions can shorten the time needed to complete multiple projects, while the portable welding tents and temporary shelters provide the high durability and quality you expect from a welding tent. Furthermore, we take into consideration the real situations and the real conditions the workers face and we understand the poor conditions that can sometimes arise within a welding tent.

Therefore, we have committed to supply a product, such as the portable welding tents, that will benefit the business and at the same time benefit the worker. The portable shelters and temporary shelters are suited for the working process as well as the workers themselves, because they protect from environmental pollution while creating a safe work environment inside the welding tent.  The portable shelter is not only durable and efficient for the welding processes, but is also light, so it does not force create conditions that heavy metal structures do and it allows for proper ventilation.

In the past, the welding tent has been created mainly with the welding process in mind, not the workers themselves. The heavy and inflexible metal equipment is hard to assemble, hard to disassemble and immobile. To change this, Hex-Hut comes up with creative and innovative designs for portable welding tents and temporary shelters. The portable shelters eliminate the problems with inflexibility and immobility, and the temporary shelters create opportunities to complete work projects and move between sites with greater ease. The welding tent should hold high standards for the work itself as well as for the workers and our portable shelter can easily provide both. Good ventilation within the portable shelter creates safer and more comfortable environment for the workers, which will increase their productivity, and as already noted, the portable welding tents can increase the percent of completed work on multiple sites.

The idea of portable shelters has the power of direct experience and observation and innovative design. The creation of portable welding tents and temporary shelters is a big step towards improving the productivity of your business and the satisfaction of your workers.